Only because of the wind

"Only because of the wind" is a Treatment Cruiser that integrates therapists from various fields and provides supportive treatments for cancer patients who are homebound.

One of the most complex struggles with the disease is in situations where patients are unable to physically travel to the treatment centers. As part of this project, the therapists are those who move from one patient’s house to another, providing alternative treatments to those who have lost their mobility.

This activity improves the patients’ quality of life, and allows for better interaction with the therapist who treats them in their comfortable, natural environment. The program operates in a similar manner to the activity in Soroka, and volunteers travel and perform the treatments at no charge.

 "Only Because of the Wind" project was established on the initiative and contribution of Mrs. Orly Gedj, in memory of her husband, Arieh Gedj, of blessed memory.

 Watch a video in his memory.

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