Vision and Goals

Alternative therapies have been proven by research to be beneficial to the body and the soul, they reduce mental stress and make it easier to cope with cancer, thus improving the chances of recovery. A deep belief in the importance of these treatments was the root for the "Ruach Dromit" (Southern Wind) association to be established.

The association operates a center for Alternative medicine in the Negev for those dealing with cancer.

“Ruach Dromit" was established for the benefit of cancer patients and their families, and it provides assistance and support through alternative medical treatments, which are given free of charge at Soroka Medical Center and for homebound patients in their homes, or for a nominal fee in the “Ruach Dromit” Center in Be’er Sheva.

Why are we here?

Data show that in the entire Negev region there are about 8,000 people who were diagnosed with cancer, and each year about 2,000 patients are added. For a number of years now, alternative medicine has gained a more significant place and support to its ability to help in coping with the illness. Alternative treatment clinics were opened in various hospitals throughout the country, but at Soroka Hospital or in the areas around it, institutionalized centers which provide targeted alternative treatments to cancer patients have not yet been established.

The cost of alternative medicine not provided by such centers can be high, and patients with low socio-economic status cannot afford such treatments. The prevalence of low socio-economic population in the Negev is high, hence the need that the Ruach Dromit Association has come to answer.

"Ruach Dromit" is the only center of its kind operating today in the entire Negev region, and its goal is to enable residents of the region coping with cancer to receive the assistance they need at a reasonable cost.

What do we aspire to?

Our vision is to create a supportive and enabling community with a holistic approach to cancer patients and their families in the Negev.

In order to realize our vision of an established community with consistent and effective support for patients, we operate in two centers, Soroka Medical Hospital and the "Ruach Dromit" Center.

Soroka Medical Center:

Soroka Medical Hospital is the largest medical center in the Negev that treats cancer patients. The association works in full cooperation with the Oncology team at the hospital, and the alternative treatment program is built alongside and in full  compatibility  to the individual treatment plan of each patient. Our volunteer therapists work as an integral part of the department and provide free treatments for patients, their families and the medical staff.

"Ruach Dromit" Center:

The center is located very close to the Soroka Hospital and serves as a Clinic for alternative medicine treatments for those dealing with cancer. The patients and their families have to cope with heavy emotional, physical and economic stress during this time of their lives and in most cases do not receive the professional support they need.

The treatments at the center are given at a nominal cost of 50 NIS, enabling a wide range of support and treatments at the highest level, in conditions suited to the patients economic abilities and the complex reality of coping with Cancer.

In addition to the treatments, the center offers a wide variety of workshops and classes for patients and their families, such as proper nutrition, yoga, meditation, guided imagery, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, support groups, lectures, listening circles, spiritual guidance for the terminally ill and more.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to adequate care, regardless of sector, status, economic ability or geographical location. We work daily to make alternative medicine accessible and raise awareness of its contribution to the entire population coping with cancer. We will do everything necessary to reach every patient seeking holistic treatment in the Negev.