Board of Trustees

piiicDr. Sargit Grinberg, Association Chairperson: Expert in Family Medicine and Palliative Care, Practitioner and instructor in Hypnosis, and Hospice Director, Maccabi Palliative Care Unit, Southern Division.

"I chose to be part of the vision of the Association Ruach Dromit from my conviction that a strong connection between body and mind is vital in coping with severe illnesses, especially cancer.

For years I have accompanied many patients and their families through different stages of this illness with the help of many skills, among them alternate medicine. I am proud to be a part of this welcome activity."

Devorah Rolnik –Founding Partner, Ruach Dromit. Ms. Rolnik is responsible for Resource Development. She is a mother of three, a resident of Kibbutz Kramim and a graduate in English Literature.

She previously worked and lectured at The New Israel Fund, as consultant in Resource Development for associations in the Negev and directed the central office of Partnership 2000, the roof body of the Jewish Federation of North America in New York.

Yoel Gilat - B.A in Sociology and Statistics from the Hebrew University. A retired diplomat, an international businessman.

EinatGoren - training Director, Israel Chemicals, m.Sc.Organizational Consultancy

Dr. Alexander shipilbesky – Director, Water and Waste Water Project, Israel Chemicals, Rotem.

Dr. Carmen Segal – Science Assistant to the Director-General of the Nanotechnology Institute, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and a specialist in medical massagefor athletes.

Ronen Moran - a resident of Kibbutz Beit Kama, married with two children. He serves as the Treasurer of a Moshav in the Eshkol Regional Council, a volunteer in the community council of the Beit Kama and the (police) border guard.