Advisory committee

Professor Shmuel Ariad – Director of the Oncology Clinic, Soroka Hospital.
Professor Gershom Zajicek – Department of Development Biology and Cancer Research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Israel-Canada Institute of Medical Research, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Dr. Assi Sikorel - Specialist in Child and Family Medicine, and specialist in the Integrative Approach to theTreatment of Body Care and Mind.
Ms. Esther Kaner - Head Nurse, Oncology Department, Soroka Hospital.
Ms. Sally Reidman - Founding President, Reidman Institute.
Ms. Inbar Zeidman - Deputy Director- General, Merage Foundation for Development of the Negev.
Ms. Lilly Sheffy – Director, Economic Development, Merage Foundation.
Mr. Eitan Hrvac - Director-General HRVAC Consulting, Engineering Co. Ltd.
Ms. Rotem Rozen - Director, Reidman Institute, Beersheba.

Dr. Carmen Segal - Assistant to the Director, Nanotechnology Institute and specialist in medical massage for athletes.