Our therapists

sarikaRonit Levi Sarika

Naturopathic, Reflexology and Massage therapist. A mother of three, lives in Be'er Sheva.

"After beginning my reflexology studies, I realized that it was not enough to just press on the foot, and that the optimal treatment was a holistic one - that is, to examine the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms, and by this to bring the patient to optimal health. It is by combining the three fields of therapy that i practice today i am able to achieve the best results.

Like every therapist, I enjoy giving regardless of any receiving. Knowing that merely the touch, smile, and willingness to do well can improve the patient's condition. And the very feeling of hearing the words 'thank you' at the end of the treatment does all the work for me".



Sivan Zeiman

Massage Therapist. Graduated from the Integrative Massage Program at the Reidman College. Treats body and soul with great love, good intentions and intelligent sensitivity. "Volunteering is the light in my routine, I know and see without words how much we manage to calm down and ease the patients and their families, I am greatful that I have the right to be part of the "Ruach Dromit" family and that I have the ability to give good energy and some renewed strength to people who need it”.


ba3tBatia Altschuler

A certified Reflexologist since 1993 and a multidisciplinary therapist - Reflexology, massage, baby massage, cupping glass and acupuncture. Treating all ages with different problems, specializing in children.

"Volunteering allows me the right to take care of people with tremendous energy for life, and fill them with new energy as they fill me!! I always arrive with a smile and leave with a bigger smile. Laughter is part of the the human being’s self healing”.


alexAlexander Shipilevsky

Alexander made aliyah from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) in 1990 with his wife Ela and two sons Yvgeny and Mario." I have a doctorate in Chemical Engineering but switched to alternative medicine after gradually changing my lifestyle following the trauma of diagnosis for cancer, surgery and physical and spiritual rehabilitation through treatment by alternate Chinese medicine. Later I had to cope with the harsh experience of my late father's illness and the treatment he was given for cancer. I saw how reflexology therapy helped him a lot and how he looked forward to the day he was treated at Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem. I saw the therapists and the enormous dedication with which they work, free of charge!

I searched around for a different way of life for almost a year and then with deep trepidation I took the next step and registered for a course in reflexology at the Reidman Institute. The therapy, and especially the final internship helped me to discover myself, my powers, my energy and my ability to help and assist people.

My next step was to join the Association Ruach Dromit led by the incredible (out of this world) Keren Tova-Gomel. Since then I have met people at the association who I did not believe exist! They give their souls and spirits and help to the other which in my opinion are the things that are really important!!!

Apparently I found myself and understood that this is my mission!

May I always have the ability to give and receive!"

List of Therapists at the Center

Orna Lev Ha’ari - Reflexology

Ilana Aberson - Reflexology

Ella Lipetz - Reflexology + Reiki + Bach Flowers Remedies

Batya Altshuler - Reflexology + Massage

George Lev Ha’ari - Chinese Medicine

Dorina Yurga - Massage

David Drori - Reflexology + Massage

Carmen Segal - Massage

Matityahu Halachmi - Massage

Eliraz Belker-Acupuncture

Tamara Telfer - Reflexology + Tarot Cards

Sarit Weiss - Japanese Acupuncture

Liron Sharoni - Massage

Evelyn Alon - Massage

Avi Abu - Guided Imagery

Sheva Shacham - Holistic multidisciplinary therapist

Ella Vandell - Specialist in medical Mushrooms

Dalia Salmanovich- Healing + NLP

Shira Gabay - Reflexology

Orna Seidman - Reflexology

Simona Epstein - Personal Training, Soroka Hospital Volunteer Coordinator.

Roni Lupescu Pe’er - Massage, Administrative manager at “Ruach Dromit” Center

Mariana Arie - EFT

Irit Bunker - Reflexology

Noa Benita - Massage

Yuval Ginzburg - Massage

Uzi Gal - Massage

Pnina Torbeka - Administrative volunteer on Soroka Hospital

Noga Lavi - Massage + Access Bars + Thai massage

Shosh Lubel - Reflexology + Massage

Rinat Lazar - Reflexology + Acupuncture

Emilia Moldover - Reflexology

Deborah Kramer - Massage

Miriam Roth - Jin Shin Acupressure + Access Bars

Amit Segev - Healing

Nir Shaish - Reflexology

Rinat Shenkar - Reflexology

David Sasson - Massage

Itamar Barkai - Massage

Dror Erez - Massage

Shosh Moyal - Massage + Reflexology

Yulanda Vaizman - Massage + Reflexology

Shosh Moreno - Acupuncture

Sharon Hasson Maman - Reflexology, Association replacement Director

Dovrat Bar Shalom - Shiatsu

Rachel Platin - Reflexology