Holistic treatments and seminars


Shiatsu is a Japanese method of therapy based on the principles of Chinese medicine. The name literally means "pressure with the help of fingers". Shiatsu therapists use their fingers and the palms of their hands to apply pin-pointed slow, soft pressure to external points of the body to release and balance its energy flow.

Medical and Aroma therapeutic Massages

Massages are an ancient method of releasing tension and renewing vitality and vigor. Apart from being a calming element, massages help to relax muscles. Improve blood circulation and reduce pain.


The soles of your feet and the palms of your hands actually image every part of your body. Consequently, reflexology treatment affects the internal organs of your body and helps to release energy blockages along its flow paths. This is achieved by stimulating and spot massaging the soles of your feet and hands.


Reiki is a Japanese term composed of two words (REI meaning "high wisdom", and KI meaning "the power of life) as the method of connecting to energy and the natural power of healing body and mind. According to this method the therapist gently places his hands on the patient's body working them in a way that their movement on centers of energy restores balance, harmony, calm and a sense of clarity.


גוף נפשMeditation teaches us to be aware and present at every minute of our lives. Through meditation we can connect to our own inner power and strength, which is so crucial to us at times of illness and tension. Exercises include training in correct breathing, relaxation and calming.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery combines methods of relaxation including visuals and resorting to the patient's own imagination to help improve cerebral control over bodily functions.


Energy Healing is the transfer of energy from the therapist to the patient, using different techniques to restore balance to the body and mind, performs energy healing.


Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy which means connection, a union of opposites and comradeship. Through yoga, a person can learn ways to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     improve himself or herself acquire better health and attain quiet and peace. Practicing the positions frees the body and spirit from negative experiences and stresses and offers a sense of vitality, stability, flexibility, strength and levity.


Depositphotos 43075313 originalThe foreign name given to the Chinese method of acupuncture is a combination of two words: acus (needle) and pungere (to prick). According to Chinese thinking the energy driving all cosmic processes is the energy of life (Tshi). The Tshi flows along constant vertical and horizontal channels in the body known as Meridians with spots along their length, which influence the Tshi. If they are stimulated by pinpricks, a process begins relative to the patient's condition, the nature of the spot and integration with other stimulated spots. In this process the body cures itself and rehabilitates the performance of its organs and their connection to each other.