Volunteering in Soroka

Volunteering in Soroka

Ruach Dromit Association provides free-of-charge alternative medicine treatments at the Oncology Center at Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva

The Soroka Medical Center is the largest center in the Negev that treats cancer patients, and our therapists work as an integral part of the Oncology department. The treatments are given to the patients, the accompanying family members and the department medical staff at no cost and in coordination with the medical system and plan.

Treatment of patients: The alternative treatment program is constructed alongside and in accordance to the conventional treatment plan of each individual patient. The treatments are given at the patient's bed, according to their personal needs, limitations and pains.

Treatment of family members: Cancer patients family members deal with the illness alongside the patients. They accompany them throughout the period of their hospitalization and afterwards at home, and provide physical, mental and financial support for the patients. This, sometimes, without assistance or reference to their personal situation and challenges dealing with the illness. In the hospital, family members spend days and nights at their loved ones bedside, run around the Hospital to take care of all their needs and often experience a great amount of stress. Our therapists take care of them, in addition to the patients, with the purpose of relieving their accumulated mental and physical tension.

Treatment of the medical staff: The medical staff in the Oncology Department faces high mental load caring daily for Cancer patients, sometimes forced to part with patients who passed away after staying at the department for a long period of time. The Ruach Dromit volunteers offer alternative treatments to the medical staff in order to lighten their physical and mental load and help charge them with renewed energies to continue their important work.

The Associations activities in Soroka Medical Center are constantly expanding. Today there are twenty-five active volunteers who come every week and provide treatments for patients, families and the medical staff. In total, 200 treatments per month are given to about 120 cancer patients, and it is estimated that in one year, in the current scope of activity will reach 1,500 cancer patients in the Negev.

Hours of Operation at Soroka Hospital:

Oncology Department: Weekly Volunteering (Monday) 09:00-11:00

Oncology Department: Weekly Volunteering (Tuesday) 16:00-18:00

Oncology Day Care: Weekly Volunteering (Thursday) 09: 00-12:00

Oncology Day Care: Weekly Volunteering (Sunday) 09:00-12:00

Pediatric Oncology Department: Weekly Volunteering (Wednesday) 09:00-12:00