Thank you Letters

22 February 2017

Subject: A Thank-you letter

Hello Keren,

At the end of three and a half years of activity, since the idea of establishing “Ruach Dromit” association has become a reality, I would like to thank you and the staff of the association for your contribution to improving the well-being of our patients.

Slowly we discovered how your activities, both in the hospital and in the day care unit, created a new reality for us. The seriousness, devotion, professionalism and, of course, the ability to integrate so well with the other medical frameworks, have undoubtedly increased the patients' sense of vitality and their ability to cope better with the disease and treatment.

On behalf of the patients, their families and the staff of the Oncology Department, please convey to the volunteers and activists of “Ruach Dromit” our deepest thanks and appreciation for their blessed activities.

Best regards,

Professor Shmuel Ariad

Director of Oncology

Soroka University Medical Center


Wednesday June 29th  2016

Subject: Ruach Dromit’s Volunteers – Thank You


We wish to thank you, Ruach Dromit Association and the volunteers Mrs. Orna Lev Ha’ari and Mr. Nir Shaish, who have been visiting our unit and giving reflexology treatments to the children and their parents since April 2016.

Mrs. Orna and Mr. Nir are dedicated therapists who perform their work wholeheartedly and very professionally.

Their treatment causes relaxation, comfort and provides good energies that boost the mood and improve the feelings of their patients.

Thank you very much, well done and we hope for continued fruitful cooperation.

Best regards,

Professor Yosef Kapilushnik

Director of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Unit

Soroka University Medical Center

Children's Day Hospital, Soroka Hospital, POBox 151 Beer-Sheva 84101, Israel, telephone 08-6403156, fax 08-6403666


Ida Haddad

I would like to thank Ruach Dromit and compliment your association on its unlimited generosity. For the first time in my life, I feel a sense of support and understanding and am able to express myself and my feelings.

In August 2014, I was diagnosed for the third time in my life, this time with intestinal cancer. I was hospitalized at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba where I was introduced to the volunteer staff of your association. You came twice a week and compassionately gave me healing, energetic massages which helped to calm and physically strengthen me in overcoming my illness.

In addition, when you opened your clinic on 7 Goldberg Street, I was so very happy that I could continue to receive this treatment, which helps me so much.

I was operated for stomach removal and you continued to stay in contact and inquire about my welfare and, when I came home you sent a charming reflexologist whose therapy helped me so much.

You did not stop supporting me all the way, and even when I underwent screenings in Tel Aviv, you always arranged therapy for me on Thursdays when I came to Beersheba. Thanks to you, I succeeded in getting through this difficult period.

Also, I will not forget that by your sensitivity and support you succeeded in treating and strengthening my mother who went through an unpleasant experience with me.

Thank you for the generosity you have shown me, your help and understanding, your sensitivity and fantastic responsibility. You are performing a sacred task; may you continue in this hallowed work.

Thank you with all my heart.

Ida Hadad, 11 May, 2015

 A thank-you letter July 18th 2016

On behalf of the staff of the Institute of Oncology and on behalf of our patients, who enjoy the generous and professional service of the amazing staff of the "Ruach Dromit" association, I would like to thank them for their holy work, which they do voluntarily and with great dedication.

I hope that we continue in our collaboration and expand it even further.

Best regards,

Gorin Lev

Director of Nursing

Oncology Institute

Soroka University Medical  Center

May 2015

For the "Ruach Dromit" Association, the Center for Complementary Medicine for those dealing with cancer in the Negev

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to the founder of the association – Keren Tova Gomel and to the dear volunteers. I came to you with my beloved sister Daniella, we were among the first patients to arrive to Ruach Dromit and the door was open (when the house was still in preparations and arrangements for the opening) and more than that - the heart was and is still open.

We received treatments from the volunteers whose spirit of giving and compassion guided them and their blessed activities: Ella - Reiki and Reflexology, Dovrat - Guided Imagery and Dorina - the masseuse.

During the most difficult time of our lives, we had the privilege of a shoulder to rest our head on and a hand to hold in the days of sickness, pain, and endless fear. The treatments gave us an hour of rest and relief for the body and soul.

The therapists came to her sick bed in our house when Daniella could not reach the "Ruach Dromit" center. They embraced me close to their hearts when Daniella, my dear sister, passed away, with the understanding and recognition that the family members also needed treatment and support during this difficult time.

Now, when Daniella, the joy of my life, is gone, I continue to receive treatments from these kind women ... "kind people along the way, very kind people ..."

I would like to thank the founder of the association and its volunteers in the hope that "Ruach Dromit" will continue to operate and provide treatments to patients, and their families (for a nominal fee), in the belief that complementary medicine treatments provide no less cure than accepted medical treatments, maybe even more..

May there be as many people as you, who give with all your heart.

With great respect and appreciation - the family of the late Daniella Shimoni.


 A letter of thanks and appreciation

I had discovered I had breast cancer about 8 months ago. I'm so glad I came to you to "Ruach Dromit”, and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take part in the alternative treatments of the Association.

Special thanks to you Ilana, for giving me reflexology treatments on a weekly basis, which greatly facilitated the side effects of the chemotherapy I underwent.

One of the side effects I experienced was Paresthesia, mainly in the legs and partly in the hands. I believe that thanks to the reflexology treatments I finished Chemo without any irreversible damage and the paralysis was over.

Ilana, I really connected with you. Beyond being my caretaker, you were my friend, you are  a wonderful person. Thank you for all your support, encouragement and faith in me. I would wait impatiently every week to come for the next treatment.

Keren, I thank you for the holy work that you are doing, for establishing and managing the association. Thanks to you, I and other patients have been able to receive complementary treatments, which are very relieving easy for us during this difficult period.

It is not at all obvious that there is such a place as a "Ruach Dromit” that offers alternative treatments at a symbolic price. It is worth mentioning the wide range of treatments that you offer - this allows for different treatments and adaptations according to the needs of each patient and every stage of the disease.

Thank you Sapir for caring, your concern and smile.

I felt that you are giving heartfelt service and I appreciate it very much.

Wishing a lot of health for everyone and success in all.